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Gaza and Ukraine issues

Dear Dr Matthew Offord MP and Mr Andrew Dismore AM

This is with reference to the rapidly developing issues in Gaza and Ukraine.
As a Hindu I ask you both to put your current rivalry to one side and to meet and discuss how best to solve these issues.
I invite you as members of the Christian and Jewish communities respectively.

My own belief and the consensus on the Internet discussions is that the international banking community is the real cause of the current crisis.
The banking community keeps funding war efforts around the world. The banking world has managed to get to this stage over the many years by this method. Financing WWI, WWII, and all successive wars.

In fact the real reasons for the banking community getting started is as follows:

The Jews were not allowed to earn a living by any other means except money lending. This was because the Jews are supposed to have supplied the nails used to crucify Lord Jesus. The chickens have come home to roost and the whole world now stands on the verge of annihilation. The Christian world needs to apologize to the Jewish world. Lord Jesus himself said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” How long are the Christians going to ignore the final words of the Lord Jesus?

I ask you Matthew, as a Christian of the local community, to apologise to Andrew, a Jewish person from the local community.
I am certain the rest of the world will follow from your example. I know they will do this.

I am as a Hindu, simply doing my duty, as a human being from the local community.

Narotam Lathia,


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East & West

When Lord Jesus was born he was visited by the tree wise men/kings. They are supposed to have come from the ‘East’. There was also seen in the sky a star/light from the ‘East’

Who/what were the three wise men/kings? What was the star/light?

The Hindus have the Vedas as the most revered scriptures. The Rigveda, Atharvaveda, Samaveda and Yajurveda. These scriptures are described as a CO-MIXTURE of metaphysical, moral and mystical knowledge!

In my view the three wise men/kings and the star/light were the not real people but Knowledge of metaphysical, moral and mystical.

The average Christian will find this very hard to swallow. Human false ego does not allow us to accept this kind of thinking.

My view is that Lord Jesus was being greeted, by the East, as the Son of God, coming to Earth.

Really knowledgeable should have no objection to this! Especially that the knowledge (star/light) and the forms (metaphysical, moral and mystical) coming from the East.


Knowledge of Mathematics from India:

Zero (found on a copper plate dated to 585 CE),

Geometry (Gayaamati/Trikonmiti used for measuring triangles, 1000 BCE was brought to Europe in 1600s by Briggs),

Value of Pi – 3.1416 (worked out by Aryabhatta in 499 CE later brought by Mohammed Iban Musa, an Arab mathematician, to Europe),

The so called Pythagoras’ Theorem (really Baudhayana’s Sulbha Sutra),

Decimal System used in 100 BCE where each power of 10 has a name, 10^53 (10 to the power of 53) is called TALLAKSHANAM, ( FULL LIST available) Highest number used was 10^140.

Aryabhatta stated “The earth revolves round the sun just as a person traveling in a boat feels the distant trees on the bank are moving, people on the earth feel the sun is moving” in 400-500 CE. Copernicus published his theory in 1543.

The Law of Gravity was known by Bhaskaracharya “Objects fall on the Earth. The same force of attraction hold the Earth, planets & moon in orbits.” 1200 years before Sir Isaac Newton.

Time measurements by Bhaskaracharya: He said 365.258756484 day = 1 year.
A Krati = 34,000th of a second. Truti = 300th of a second, (FULL LIST available)……….. Kalpa = 4.32 Billion years.

More later…………..

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