A series called ‘Ancient Aliens’ On History Channel.

The History channel on Sky is showing a series called ‘Ancient Aliens’.
It it not meant to demean any religion but to give it scientific basis.

Hinduism is full of records of alien visitations.
All wars between Devs and Danavs are evidence of this.
Yes, good and evil is everywhere, even now.


This series is out to educate us all on the facts that the Earth has been visited by aliens, good and bad, for a very long time.
The program claims, with evidence, that we are really a product of management by the aliens.
All over the world, in various cultures and civilisations, there is evidence of this.

Those who do not believe this are in for a massive shock!
The real history of the world has been kept hidden all these years.

Ramanujan had the mathematical formulae telepathically transmitted to him. WHY?
To teach humans about time travel. Hindus are aware Narad Muni had this ability.
These formulae are currently being used to develop the String Theory.
This will eventually make it possible for man/matter to travel through the Time-Space continuum.
Yes wormholes will be based on Ramanujans’ mathematical formulae.

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