A bit about me!

Am a 61(in 2011) years old, retired, male of Indian origin, presently living in London.
Having been born and brought up in Kenya (Obama’s country of origin), East Africa, moved to the UK in 1968.

Studied and worked, at the same time, to get ahead in life.

Obtained a Higher National Certificate in Electronics in 1975 and a BSc. in Digital Systems Design in 1996.

Two children have flown the nest. They are Assistant Manager (daughter) and Software Engineeer (chip off the old block)(son).

Have worked as an Electronics Test Engineer in Electronics Counter-measures, Flight Simulation and Army Weapons (missiles).
5 years as a Software (HDL) Test Engineer was quite a change from Hardware.
The last 3 years of working life were spent as a Tutor preparing and pushing the out of work to become gainfully employed. This was the hardest job but the most satisfying.

Other interests are International Affairs, environmental issues, charity work for victims of polio, technical developments in computing and related matters.

Is an alien invasion imminent? Sorry did not mean it this way. It is better to join in the with the rest, to prepare the world should this happen in the near future!


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